Moriah Apparel was founded by 24 year old, Birmingham, Alabama native, Jillian Everett.  

"The name Moriah derives from the mountain range "Moriah" in Jerusalem.  Gosh, I'm a super sensitive and touchy-feely person.  Word definintions are really significant to me.  In my personal study time, I came across the mountain "Moriah" in the book of Genesis. 

After studying the meaning like a mad woman, I came to find that "Moriah" is defined as the land of vision - sanctuary of freedom - divine providence.  Don't we all need a place like that?  A little escape, a safe place, a home.  If you know me at all, you KNOW I'm a quirky, southern girl with a huge love of the fashion industry.  The ability to interlock my love for fashion with divine purpose for others makes my life full.  I love people and I love to love them.  I want every one that comes in my store to find peace and maybe find themselves too......and hopefully an outfit or two.

   Jillian Everett ( CEO Moriah Apparel LLC )


Wardrobing is the ability to show the human heart on the outside.  At Moriah Apparel, we strongly believe that if we can express our soul on the outside, through our clothing, we can create a happier mind, body, and spirit.  Moriah Apparel is a contemporary-bohemian women's boutique with a southern flare.  We are locally owned, located in Hoover, Alabama.  Life is meant for fun.  We believe in enjoying every detail and giving you a personal shopping experience, catered to your specific needs.  We look forward to seeing you very soon.

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